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Kenn Adams Adventure Theater Myth-Adventures of Melanie Moe! @Claremont

Kenn Adams Adventure Theater is a fast-paced, interactive, outrageously funny, theatrical experience for heroes of all ages! Join our youthful hero, Melanie Moe, as she leaps through time and arrives in the age of the monsters, gods and heroes of ancient Greek mythology!  She accidentally offends Hera, the Queen of the Gods, must battle the Cyclops, escape the Furies, rescue a man from the jaws of a sea-monster, outwit the Sphinx, and survive a raging storm at sea! 


Chiptune Music Workshop @North

Chiptune is the popular style of music that uses the sounds of classic video games in modern electronic songs. San Francisco based chiptune artist Doctor Popular will be introducing teens to the basics of electronic music composition using Nanoloop, an inexpensive smartphone app that puts these sounds in the palm of your hand! Using our iPad's, come learn how to start making your own electronic music compositions! All teens of middle and high school age welcome.