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Chiptune Music Workshop with Doctor Popular @Claremont

Chiptune is the popular style of music that uses the sounds of classic video games in modern electronic songs. At this workshop, San Francisco based chiptune artist Doctor Popular will be introducing teens to the basics of electronic music composition using Nanoloop, an inexpensive smartphone app that puts these sounds in the palm of your hand! Using our iPads, come learn how to start making your own electronic music compositions!  Check out Doctor Popular's music here!

HowToons with Nick Dragotta @South

Comics + Crafts + Science = HowToons! Comic book artist Nick Dragotta— who has made a name for himself drawing books like Marvel's Fantastic Four and Image's East of West—shares HowToons, a series of comic strips that use clever gags to teach science concepts through fun crafts made from easy-to-find recycled materials. Get hands-on at this workshop as the renowned artist walks you through a couple of wild projects, as well as his own comic-creation process.