Tuesday, September 23rd, 10:15am

Ages 6 to 18 months

Tuesday, September 23rd, 11:15am to 11:45am

Story time for ages  3 to 5 years. We read stories and do fingerplays and stretches. Call 510-981-6250 for more information.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 11:15am

Ages 6 to 18 months

Tuesday, September 23rd, 11:15am to 11:45am

In our thirty minute session for children ages 3 - 5, we read stories, and do fingerplays and stretches. 

Tuesday, September 23rd, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Please join us for the "Read and Share" Book Club. It is a book club for anyone who likes to read and wants to share the books they have read with others.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 3:30pm

If you are in grades K - 5, come read to a friendly dog. TherapyPets provides dogs.  We will have books, or you may bring a book.  Sign up or drop by for a session at either 3:30 or 4:00. 

Craft Supplies
Tuesday, September 23rd, 4:00pm to 5:00pm

... more

Tuesday, September 23rd, 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Join us for an hour of crafts in our lovely Teen Room. Create your own duct tape wallets and flowers or fold some origami cranes and planes to hang in the Teen Room.

Book Cover
Tuesday, September 23rd, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Participants in the Berkeley Public Library Memoir Writing Workshop celebrate this second anthology with readings from their true stories about finding home in beauty salons, cemeteries,... more

Wednesday, September 24th, 10:15am

Share the fun of language through stories, rhymes, and music!