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Code Self Study @South

Join with others who are studying computer programming by self-study. These are self-directed study sessions that generally have no scheduled itineraries and all programming languages and skill levels are welcome from complete beginners to experienced programmers. Just bring whatever tutorials, books, courses, or projects that you're working on. Experienced programmers can help the beginners. 

Why self-study in a group like this? Sometimes it's easier to stay focused if a specific time is scheduled for studying and if there are others around to help. 

Unlimited slots left.

Teen Magic: The Gathering Tournament @North

Test your might at this open draft tournament using cards from the newest Magic: The Gathering set, Dragons of Tarkir!  Each player will be given three FREE packs of cards with which to build their mightiest hand, then face off in a bracket-style tournament for ultimate Magic supremacy!

Tournament will be judged by Aldo Jackson of Games Count, and is sponsored by Games of Berkeley and Eudemonia.  Prizes including special card packs and Wizards of the Coast swag will be offered to the winners!

Unlimited slots left.